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Review: The Last Keeper (The Warminster Series Book 1) by JV Hilliard

The book follows a few characters through their journeys that interconnect. A great evil with powerful magic wants to rip the realm apart, and only a few key characters know this is coming. The Last Keeper (The Warminster Series Book 1) by [J.V. Hilliard]

I enjoyed this book; it kept me wanting to know what would happen next. The vivid imagery allowed me to imagine I was there with the characters. At first, I thought I might be confused about the number of characters and their roles in the book – I was wrong. The story is so well laid out that you don’t confuse the characters or their location within the journey. The fight scenes were long enough for a good battle but not too daunting to get through.

I loved the characters – Fox and Addilyn were my favourites, closely followed by Ritter. They each had so much value to the story and well-thought-out personalities.

Overall, this was a great book; any fantasy lover would enjoy it. However, I did not like the end – not because it was terrible but because now I need the book!

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