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Review: Black Table by Anttimatti Pennanen

The black table follows two humans who absolutely love all things Sci-Fi. The best friends meet their hero, who leads them into space and on an adventure they will never forget.  

This book starts very quickly, introducing the main characters in a fun and exciting way by going to a Sci-Fi convention. We immediately know they’re different quirks and can tell that they are going to be fun characters. They share a lot of inside jokes throughout the book that the reader gets to be in on, but not all the other characters. As they go through space and meet friends and foes, the dialogue continues to match what is happening within the story. 

The storyline itself is one that I have never read before. I loved the uniqueness of this storyline. With it being a sci-fi book, there was some science behind the extraordinary events. Luckily, the characters can explain it in a way that the readers can understand.

This was an easy read. That would be great for any teen or adult who loves sci-fi. 

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Review: The Improv Mindset: How to Make Improvisation Your Superpower for Success by Keith Saltojanes

The Improv Mindset is a guide to learning how to perform the art of improv, not only as an actor but in everyday life.

Many times, a ‘how-to’ book is boring. However, Keith Saltojanes writes conversationally, creating an informative and fun book. Reading the Improv Mindset is like having a conversation with the author. It is fast-paced and entertaining, and I learned a lot. 

Not only does it explain how to do improv, but it gives quick and easy exercises to get better at the craft. The author expands on the craft to include how improv relates to life. The author does a fantastic job of bringing the world of improv into the world of every day. We all improvise every day, and using the exercises within this book can help us overcome the fear and embarrassment that can result. My favourite chapter is dedicated to addressing the reasons you think you can’t do improv and explaining that the fear which holds us back is a blip in our worlds.

There are some editing mistakes, but they don’t take away from the valuable information in the book.

Overall, this is an excellent book if you want to learn improv or how to improvise in life.

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Review: The Trillias Gambit by J.V. Hilliard

The Trillias Gambit is the third book of the Warminsters Series. Daemus Alaric and his companions must find the Tome of Enlightenment (find out why in book 2) through the Labyrinth. Across the realm, Princess Addilyn and Sir Ritter are faced with the ever-vengeful assassin. And the war takes form with many twists and turns.

I loved books one (review here) and two (review here) and was not surprised that I absolutely love book three!

JV Hilliard does a fantastic job keeping each plotline on track, interesting and intertwined and giving the characters enough time to accomplish their goals (good or bad). Character growth continued to be a central theme throughout this book, even when it meant that I was mad at the author.

The first two books developed the world well and continued to evolve throughout part 3. The expansive realm that is Warminster can be seen through the eyes of the readers.

If you love fantasy, you must read this series! And now I can’t wait for the fourth.

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Review: Hunted by Fire by Jim Hepburn

Hunted by Fire is an exciting tale of heartache and adventure. Like most teenagers, they push the boundaries and try to find their place in the world. The main character, Felix, is doing just that. However, in the world where he lives, questioning the faith can mean death. As he and a few companions strike out on a mission of great importance, they must remain vigilant not to get caught in the web of those who follow.

I enjoyed this story and felt like I was on the journey with the characters. The friendships and frenemies are fascinating. The character development was important and felt true to their ages. The author did a great job of explaining the basis behind the actions of both sides without rambling.

There were times that shocked me at what happened, and I even felt a tad mad at the author for doing it that way (don’t worry, no spoilers here!).

Unfortunately, there are some grammatical errors. However, I wouldn’t let that dissuade you from getting enraptured in the story.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and hope to read more of Felix and the others.

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Review: Boone and Jacque by A.G. Flitcher

Boone and Jacque are ten-year-old boys discovering the dark secrets of the past of their hometown, Saddleton. Adults lust after power while strange things are happening.

AG Flitcher does a great job developing Saddleton and the world beyond Saddleton. The prison was particularly easy to visualize while striking fear into the reader. I hope that is explored in future books.

The friendship between Boone and Jacque is so pure and fitting. Both boys have difficult homelives but manage to find kindness in each other. They each have unique characteristics yet mesh perfectly as two best friends do.

The story had quite a bit going on, which complicated keeping track of the facts in this interesting mystery. At times, I found it challenging to shift from one chapter to another because the scenes and characters were vastly different.

Overall, this is an interesting story that keeps you wondering.

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