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Review: When Grace Found Me, Volume 3 by Kim Lengling

This anthology shares the story of various women from all over the world. Each story shows how God’s grace touched their lives. When Grace Found Me : Real-Life Stories of Women of Faith by [Kim  Lengling, Ruth Pearson, LTYV Publishing]

I loved how each story started with a photo of the woman. It connected the reader with the real-life person who shared their struggles. These aren’t light-hearted, funny adventures but real, human, tragic, heartbreaking stories. They show the various ups and downs that people from across the globe face.

No one story is the same as another. Each person on this Earth has various experiences that can be expressed and handled in a multitude of ways. This book shows a snapshot of the immense possibilities that one might face in their life.

An everyday woman (not an author by trade) writes each story; some are better than others. Some stories left me wanting more. Some pulled at my heartstrings while others did not. But it never took away from the soul behind the message and the book’s purpose.

Overall, this was a fantastic read.

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Review: Your Kids, Their Money by Clifton D. Corbin

This is a book written to help parents teach their kids about money. And it 100% hits the mark.

What I loved about the style is that the author speaks to parents as a parent. Not as someone who knows it all but has been there, done that, and learned. The book is divided into various sections with practical activities at the end. Those are what make this book special. It is easy to tell someone what they should do, but it can be hard to implement. These activities are a guideline for discussing financial literacy with our kids.

Right from the start, I can relate to Clifton as he shares the pitfalls of his first credit card. And much like him, I don’t want my kids to fall into that same trap. Digging yourself out of debt is much harder than learning about what to do to stay out of debt in the first place.

But it isn’t just about debt. The book outlines money concepts – piggy jars (not banks – clear so you can see the money), allowance (not for chores!), interest, and much more. It isn’t a budgeting book. It is a financial literacy book.

Finally, I appreciate how he reminds parents to take it at their kid’s pace. Some kids will be able to identify money denominations faster than others, some kids will really get into investing, the point is all kids are different and this book is only a guideline.

Definitely worth a read for all parents.

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Review: Abigail by Daemon Manx

Abigail is a short story with a big concept. The story follows Adrian, a man who believes he will not find love. Yet he meets Abigail, who changes everything.

Looking at the cover, you can tell that a baby will be involved. What you don’t know is what happens once that baby is introduced.

The book was well written with a ton of plot happening in such a short time. Just enough description is used to set the scene but not become too wordy. Throughout the story, I kept wondering why those perceptions.

Finally, at the end of the book – big twist! Nope, I won’t spill the beans, but I will say that I did a double take and loved how it was revealed. Very few books can give a significant plot twist in such a compelling manner.

This is definitely worth the read!

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Review: Locked Out Of Heaven by Danielle M Orsino

This is the story of how the Fae came into existence, angels being locked out of Heaven. The book includes various characters and their journey within the Court of Light and the Court of Darkness.

The idea of this book was interesting, and I enjoyed the explanations of how each type of Fae came into being; pixies, mermaids, etc. Much of the story centers around Queen Aurora and how she began leading the Fae.

The beginning of the book was tedious to read. There were many metaphors and similies used to describe the characters and set the scene. Less is often more, and I prefer to let my imagination fill in some of the blanks.

Overall, the book was well written. The language was mature but not difficult. Once more dialogue was used, the story progressed and blossomed into an excellent story. For those who enjoy fantasy and the Fae, this is a great read. I look forward to seeing what comes next in this series.

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Review: The Last Keeper (The Warminster Series Book 1) by JV Hilliard

The book follows a few characters through their journeys that interconnect. A great evil with powerful magic wants to rip the realm apart, and only a few key characters know this is coming. The Last Keeper (The Warminster Series Book 1) by [J.V. Hilliard]

I enjoyed this book; it kept me wanting to know what would happen next. The vivid imagery allowed me to imagine I was there with the characters. At first, I thought I might be confused about the number of characters and their roles in the book – I was wrong. The story is so well laid out that you don’t confuse the characters or their location within the journey. The fight scenes were long enough for a good battle but not too daunting to get through.

I loved the characters – Fox and Addilyn were my favourites, closely followed by Ritter. They each had so much value to the story and well-thought-out personalities.

Overall, this was a great book; any fantasy lover would enjoy it. However, I did not like the end – not because it was terrible but because now I need the book!

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