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Review – The Weight of Air by David Poses

Ever look at someone and think “yup they are an addict”? Ever think to yourself that you can always tell who is or is not an addict? If you have then this book will blow your mind because you can’t just look at someone and know if they are struggling with an addiction.

David shares his very personal story of leading a secret life of sneaking away to get high, going to work and having a stable intimate relationship. He shares how early on in his struggle his parents knew he had an addiction and he went to rehab. Then he shares how he continued getting high all while pretending he wasn’t.

This story is raw, honest and gives you a real glimpse into the life of someone who is struggling. Not just struggling with their addiction but struggling with who they are as a person. Struggling with living in their own skin.

The courage it took David to share his story shows through the entire book. Keeping the reader involved and wanting to see how it turns out. A little spoiler…. it turns out well.

If you are interested in reading David’s story please consider using my affiliate link here.

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Take a Break!

You may have noticed that I didn’t have a blog last week. And this week I am a day late.

When things like that happened I used to beat myself up. Think that I was the worst person ever. Think no one would want to read what I had to share. Think that I am letting down those that do read and they would ‘leave me’.

This is part of my mental health. This is what a couple of my books are about and what the Write or Die Show is all about.

Going through therapy and talking to all of the great guests on the show has helped me not beat myself up when I need a break. I’ve been working on a big project for the past two weeks and finally finished it (yay). Since that project was so big I was working seven days a week at all hours of the day. Which I was okay with because it was pretty fun.

As I got closer to the deadline I focused even harder (which is why I missed last week’s blog). This week I took yesterday off (which is why today’s blog is a day late).


It was okay that I took the time that I needed to refresh my brain. If you are anything like me and beat yourself up if you miss a small routine or need a break I am here to tell you that it is okay if you need a break.


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Tik Tok!!!!

I did it, I joined and now I’m a Tik Tokker. If you aren’t on the platform, why not? I’ll admit it can be time consuming and suck you in, but I am having so much fun. If you are on the platform follow me @writeordieshow

The videos that I post are all based around mental health, shocking right?

When Tik Tok first came out like many I was thinking “nope, never going to happen”. I didn’t want to be on a platform with a bunch of young kids making up dances. However, it has been overrun by, ahem, adults. There are many people who are my age getting on there to spread their message, or just jokes. A personal favourite of mine are the animal videos.

This has given me a great release for short thoughts that I want to share. My longer thoughts will make new books.

If you are looking for a time killer, I mean another way to get some information, then join me on Tik Tok.

And no, I get nothing in return for telling you to join, other than hopefully a few more follows.

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Review – Shut Up and Listen

This wasn’t the book that I was planning on reading next but it was the one I needed. Having my brother die suddenly and unexpectedly I was lost. Beforehand I had picked out which book I would be reading next, after he died I felt like I couldn’t pick up any book. It was very hard to get back into the groove of life.

As I looked at my bookshelf for the 50th time trying to get myself to pick up the book and get back to doing my day to day activities I noticed another book that was sent to me. Shut Up and Listen by Paola Aguillon. This book is all about grief and loss, which was exactly what I needed.

It is a short read, which was perfect as I was struggling to get back into reading. The content hit home 1000% (yes 1000 not 100 that is how much I needed this book right now). There was so many great moments of relief for me while reading the book that I actually highlighted some of the passages. I don’t normally do that when I am reading but this was a special book for me.

I’m not going to give away all of the content but to get you hooked here was my first ‘aha’ moment when reading this

“Allowing ourselves to grieve is allowing whatever emotion is coming up to take place and unravel.” pg. 17

The book spends time explaining how we can give ourselves permission to do what needs to be done, how society thinks it should be done and how to give yourself the space you need. A nice addition to the book is the chapter that is specific to men based on what society deems masculine. Another major point that this book discussed is the importance that grief is not just about death. We can grief various losses.

When Paola wrote about that I had another aha moment. When I had my hysterectomy and lost a part of myself I felt like I wanted to grieve but wasn’t sure if that was appropriate. It was! It is! And if I feel like it then that is okay!

No matter what you are experiencing whether it is a death, a loss or a major change this book is down to Earth and easy to read during a difficult time. I will be recommending this book to my other family members.

If you are interested in getting this book please consider using my affiliate link here.

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Walking Through Fog

Four weeks tomorrow my brother died expectantly. I am just starting to get out of the fog that I have been walking through the last four weeks, but I know I am not all of the way out of it yet. There is still another week and a half before we bury him.

My brother died due to a drug overdose (for more info on that check out the Write or Die episode where I talk about it a little more). He had suffered with addiction (a mental health illness) for most of my life, most of his life. When someone you care about dies suddenly it is a complete shock to the system. Though I always feared this would be his outcome I still held out hope that it wouldn’t end this way.

I keep thinking to myself, is there something else that I could have done? Something I could have said? Something I missed?

But ultimately, thinking like that won’t bring him back, it will just keep me in this fog of sadness. I know he loved me. I hope he knew that I loved him too.

What I want to share right now is that if you are struggling reach out. Your family may have created a boundary but they still love you. You are not alone.

If you love someone who is hurting and you don’t know how to help. Reach out. One of the hardest things for me right now is the what ifs. It is the talking with my mom about what could have been done differently. It is hearing how she wishes she did more. That hurt and guilt is not healthy. Though it is normal, it needs to be worked through.

Speak up, be honest, and get help if you need it.


If you are interested in some of the poetry that I wrote as a coping mechanism feel free to join the patreon family. Eventually, I plan to write a book about it.