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Review: Nanagin by Haley Kilgour

I got sucked into this book right from the start. There was no preamble, and the story got moving from page one, which I enjoyed. From there, we got to know many of the central characters and could see the power dynamics that would take place throughout the book. As the book progressed, we met the rest of the main characters and many other secondary characters. The author does a great joBook Coverb of giving life to the secondary characters just as well as the leading group.

There were times that I felt like I was watching a movie instead of simply reading a book as I was transported into a different world. There was enough description to visualize each setting without going overboard. I became invested in the quest taking place, and with each turn of events, I wanted to know more.

The build-up was immense in the final chapters (don’t worry, no real spoilers), and I couldn’t put the book down. Even though there was strategically placed foreshadowing when the twist happened, it was still had to take. The only downside I had while reading the book was the last page – ‘To be continued.’ I wanted to know what happens next, but I will need to impatiently wait until the next book is released.


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Review: Grace for Grant by Jacqueline Farthing Galvin

The emotional journey that transpires throughout this book is hard to imagine, but the author does a fantastic job of bringing those emotions out. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jacqueline on the Write or Die Show,, so I knew how Grant’s journey on Earth would end. Yet, I was still hoping that somehow he was going to make it; that somehow this mother’s story would end with bringing her child home. That is how invested in the story I, as the reader, had become. 

The reader becomes part of the highs and lows at the hospital and at home. Which was a nice addition to the book as there is more to a person’s life than just staying at the hospital bedside. There are still bills to pay and relationships to maintain. We get the behind the scenes of all that life had to throw at this family.

Another interesting piece is that the story doesn’t just end after the hospital stay. There are a few chapters that follow the author and the family during the months and years that follow. It shows the grieving process that the family went through and how life continues on and those left behind have to figure out a way to go on. Figure out a way to keep the loved one alive because so long as we remember them they never truly leave us.

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Review: My Pet Zombie by James L Rickard

The title intrigues the reader from the get go – how do you get a zombie as a pet? It is a great metaphor that you will understand as you read the book; I loved the moment I realized how that works. It had me laughing.

The book is an easy read, great for pre-teens and not too gory. There is just enough fight description to understand the hardships of the main characters without going overboard.  It was nice to read a book about zombies that had a different reason for turning into the monsters society has learned to love. By the end of the book I was invested in the characters (don’t worry I deleted the spoiler I almost shared) and wanted to continue following them. Maybe there is a book two in the works?

Unfortunately, there were grammar mistakes that had me pausing at times to re-read the sentence. It didn’t detract from the overall story and I still enjoyed this book.

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Review: Dead to Me Hollywood by Mario Quinones-Revolori

It is amazing how strong some people are, even in the face of multiple health issues they keep going. That is the soul of this author. He discusses his life, illnesses and overcoming the odds.

The beginning of the book was confusing; as it was being told through a third person. It switched to the first person account of his story, and the book became easier to follow. During those first few chapters they each held a special life lesson that was learned. This was a great way to introduce the author’s life.

As the book progresses he discusses the worst times in his life. Having been poisoned and ultimately losing his family. He passionately explains how his faith kept him going. If you enjoy reading about how someone’s faith can save them this is the book for you.

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REVIEW – Focus! by David Essel

I have found that most books that attempt to teach someone how to reach their goals is the same dribble over and over again. There are usually a few glimmers of good information but for the most part it is a regurgitation of the same concepts of using SMART goals and using affirmations. I had low expectations for this book, but was pleasantly surprised when it not only exceeded those expectations but kept me intrigued throughout the book.

The book is written as though I am sitting in the room with him listening to him present this information. Right at the beginning David calls out all of those other teachings and explains how they don’t work. After he did that I was hooked. I wanted to know how he saw what I saw in those concepts of nonsense.

It takes more than just thinking positively or saying affirmations to oneself. If it was that easy I would be a millionaire already.

Throughout the book David explains his one thing at a time approach (my words). Which makes so much more sense to me! I was taught in college to focus on one project at a time not everything. You still only have 100% of yourself to give and if you are working on 10 projects that is only 10% for each.

Overall, if someone has been looking for a book about achieving their goals this is the best book I have read on the topic.  Get your copy on amazon.