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Review: Love and Pieces by Peter Topside

Love and Pieces is a creepy story about Roger losing the love of his life. He isn’t ready to let her go, but something else is ready to have her.

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The book starts in Meadowsville, the city of his previous trilogy. Don’t worry; you don’t need to have read the others to understand that destruction breeds destruction. The chapter doesn’t go too far into the story of Blackheart (read the preternatural series to know more), which I appreciated since I knew the other stories, but even if I didn’t, I don’t think it would have taken away from this story. This is a standalone story in the same world as the trilogy.

The book starts strong with the destruction of Meadowsville and continues on this dark path as the story moves to its main city.

Roger, the main character, has recently lost his young wife. He isn’t ready to let her go and takes her home with him, only to find out that a decomposing body doesn’t hold up well. He is on a mission to find someone to help him keep the body together. This is how he meets Mr. Whiskey, arguably the best character in the whole book because of all the cheesy mortician jokes!

While Roger is trying to keep his wife alive, something else has a taste for her. This ghoulish encounter piques Roger’s interest to know more about the creature. Eventually, leading him to… (oops, no spoilers).

The writing in this book has a darker tone than the Preternatural series and a more adult theme. Peter Topside continues to perfect his writing style and dig deep into human relationships.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I think it is my new favourite by Peter Topside!

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Review: Recruited by D.C. Gomez

Sixty-five years in the future, the world is turned asunder. Elisha, a witch, with her familiar, Elijah, are tasked with finding a potential cure to the plague. Elisha doesn’t want to help the humans, but she is intrigued by what this cure could be.

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Recruited is an easy, fast-paced read. DC Gomez sticks to the necessities of the story and keeps it moving.

This story is separate from the Intern Diaries but mentions the other series. You don’t need to read the other series to read this, but if you have, when Constantine and Death are mentioned, you can chuckle at the reference.

Elijah is my favourite character! A smart-mouth cat that likes to play with friends – zombies. His personality is exactly what I think a cat would be like if they could talk. Elisha is pretty badass, and I wouldn’t want to be up against her in a fight.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and would love to see how it ends in the next part.

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Review: 5150: A Transfer by Duncan MacLeod

Mental health affects everyone, directly or indirectly, with various onset times. Schizophrenia often has an onset in the early 20s, and this novel takes us through Ethan’s psychosis. He is taken into outer space and must find his way back before his brain turns to cotton. The orange juice makes him forget, and he is losing time.

When I was first given this book, I didn’t understand the title, 5150. Once I learned that 5150 meant being put on psychiatric hold, I realized that was what ‘being formed’ meant where I live. The title fits the book perfectly!

There is not much outer dialogue but a huge amount of inner dialogue. 5150 is written in first person, giving insight into Ethan’s state of mind that second or third-person viewpoints would not have been able to provide. It was the perfect choice for this book.

Seeing the world through Ethan’s eyes as he slowly falls deeper into his psychosis is heartwrenching. He has no idea what is happening to him and has strangers (doctors) telling him what to do. He didn’t even know he was ill.

5150 is a must-read for anyone interested in the mental health field.

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Review: Hysterical Hangouts with the Hindlegs by G.S. Gerry

Hysterical Hangouts with the Hindlegs follows Viktor as he meets his girlfriend’s family, the Hindlegs. Mandi tells Viktor that her family can be a lot to handle, so Viktor plans to turn their meetings into a reality TV show using hidden cameras.

As the title suggests, this book is hilarious and has many interesting hijinks.

Each chapter is a different reality show episode, ending as many shows do (what will happen next? Will they get out of this jam?). The pranks are out there, but the episode endings made the book even more hilarious.

The author’s language style adds to the hilarity, from funny names (Hindlegs, Sniperbone) to silly noises (pfft, bang, boom). I felt as if I really was watching a reality TV show and thinking – oh, this must be staged!

This is the perfect book if you enjoy a good laugh and an easy read.

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Review: The Last Lumenian by S.G. Blaise

The Last Lumenian follows Lilla, a princess turned rebel turned powerhouse.

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S.G. Blaise does an excellent job of giving each character a unique personality, speech pattern and customs. The characters’ interactions are spot on for their personalities, sometimes clashing or showing kindness.

The Last Lumenian’s universe is vast. This book revolves around Lilla’s homeworld with references to the other worlds (perhaps we will explore them in future books?). At the book’s beginning, a map lays out the essential areas referenced throughout the story.

I found it interesting how the book combines sci-fi with fantasy, creating a uniquely satisfying story.

A significant theme that Lilla needs to overcome is her claustrophobia. It is immediately introduced and explained why it plays a major role in her life. I think the author did a great job of exploring that theme in the story’s context without overdoing it.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would love to read the other parts!

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