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Review: Reflection by Brandon Hargraves

Reflection follows Dawn after she watches the destruction of her home and the only life she ever knew. Luckily, she meets others who become her new family. 

I enjoyed the characters and their unique qualities. Each main character has a very distinct backstory and opinions. They form a bond built on trust that helps them through the trials they face throughout the book. What I found interesting is the other relationships that develop. They don’t last for the entirety of the novel (though perhaps they will circle back in future books). Much like life, we form various relationships that are important for a period of time but don’t always stay with us forever. 

Other significant themes explored include self-doubt and loss/grief. We all struggle with self-doubt from time to time, and I loved exploring this concept in an interesting way (no spoilers!). 

This is a great read for the young and old (not that I am old).

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