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Review: Queen of Magic: The Revolution by Hayden Knight

The story follows a witch, Salaire, who learns about her mother’s troubling deal to get what she wanted. In the end, it is Salaire who must follow through on the deal and lead the nonhumans to freedom. Queen of Magic: The Revolution by [Hayden Knight]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and didn’t want to put it down. The dialogue kept the story going with enough description to show where we were in this magical world. From the onset of the story, it is evident that Salaire just wants to be left alone but by the end, she is thriving in her new role which shows great character growth. 

There was some indication of a potential love interest but it didn’t delve deeply into that part of the storyline. Thank goodness! Too many stories get sidetracked by the love interest and I lose interest in the story.

The characters were all very interesting and had their own personality. I even read their dialogues in the voices I thought they would be using. From the witch to the wolves to the dwarves and everyone in between it was interesting to see how they all came together.

Even though this is the first in the series the ending was still very satisfying. I am always very disappointed in a book when nothing is resolved, luckily the troubles that arose in this book were handled in this book. The epilogue was the cliffhanger, as it should be, showing where the next book will lead us.

This book is worth the read and I hope to review the next in the series when it comes out.

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Review: Nanagin by Haley Kilgour

I got sucked into this book right from the start. There was no preamble, and the story got moving from page one, which I enjoyed. From there, we got to know many of the central characters and could see the power dynamics that would take place throughout the book. As the book progressed, we met the rest of the main characters and many other secondary characters. The author does a great joBook Coverb of giving life to the secondary characters just as well as the leading group.

There were times that I felt like I was watching a movie instead of simply reading a book as I was transported into a different world. There was enough description to visualize each setting without going overboard. I became invested in the quest taking place, and with each turn of events, I wanted to know more.

The build-up was immense in the final chapters (don’t worry, no real spoilers), and I couldn’t put the book down. Even though there was strategically placed foreshadowing when the twist happened, it was still had to take. The only downside I had while reading the book was the last page – ‘To be continued.’ I wanted to know what happens next, but I will need to impatiently wait until the next book is released.


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