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Review: The Last Lumenian by S.G. Blaise

The Last Lumenian follows Lilla, a princess turned rebel turned powerhouse.

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S.G. Blaise does an excellent job of giving each character a unique personality, speech pattern and customs. The characters’ interactions are spot on for their personalities, sometimes clashing or showing kindness.

The Last Lumenian’s universe is vast. This book revolves around Lilla’s homeworld with references to the other worlds (perhaps we will explore them in future books?). At the book’s beginning, a map lays out the essential areas referenced throughout the story.

I found it interesting how the book combines sci-fi with fantasy, creating a uniquely satisfying story.

A significant theme that Lilla needs to overcome is her claustrophobia. It is immediately introduced and explained why it plays a major role in her life. I think the author did a great job of exploring that theme in the story’s context without overdoing it.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would love to read the other parts!

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Review: Reflection by Brandon Hargraves

Reflection follows Dawn after she watches the destruction of her home and the only life she ever knew. Luckily, she meets others who become her new family. 

I enjoyed the characters and their unique qualities. Each main character has a very distinct backstory and opinions. They form a bond built on trust that helps them through the trials they face throughout the book. What I found interesting is the other relationships that develop. They don’t last for the entirety of the novel (though perhaps they will circle back in future books). Much like life, we form various relationships that are important for a period of time but don’t always stay with us forever. 

Other significant themes explored include self-doubt and loss/grief. We all struggle with self-doubt from time to time, and I loved exploring this concept in an interesting way (no spoilers!). 

This is a great read for the young and old (not that I am old).

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Review: Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger by KC Grifant

As the title implies, Melinda is a monster-killing gunslinger. These aren’t just any monsters; these are creepy, reimagined monsters. I thought I was scared of spiders, but now I’m terrified on a whole new level. Along with her partner Lance and a few others, they meet along the way; Melinda needs to save the world from what is coming from the Edge.

Chapter one started with a bang, and I was hooked. I enjoyed the monsters, characters, and landscape. Like the real world, each town had a unique set of individuals. I connected with Melinda as a kick but leading lady who still appreciates her feelings while getting dirty.

I enjoyed the twist of the antagonist and how truly evil he is. The ending was spot on, and I liked how it took more than a singular shot to win the day.

Unfortunately, there were a few editing mistakes. However, I hope this is not the last time we see Melinda, Lance, and others. Now that Melinda has traversed the Edge, she may see things differently. I would love to read how it affected her.

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Review: Vorodin’s Lair by JV Hilliard


This is the second installment in the Warminster series, and I am still hooked! I loved the first book and can’t wait for the next part. The story continues from where we left off, trying to figure out what the visions mean and trying to stop Graytorris. All while a war brews.

The novel is fast-paced and introduces new characters while expanding on the story of the previous characters. Each character gets enough ‘book time’ to make them feel alive. Even the minor characters are major players. Every action within the book has meaning to push the story forward. The fight scenes are exciting and not overbearing.

There is a specific part of the book that took me by complete surprise. I can’t say much more, or I will spoil it, but I was shocked and didn’t see it coming.

This series is marvelously plotted and well-written. I highly recommend it and look forward to part three.

Get your copy here.

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Review: Queen of Madness by Hayden Knight

This book is a continuation of Queen of Magic (check out the review) set 6 months into the future. The story broadens our horizons of the people and lands surrounding the main characters, putting attention onto a new foe, the Queen of the Fae.

This book is written in the same style as the first, using lots of dialogue to progress the story. Something that I am a big fan of, with just enough descriptions to bring the world to life. The first book focussed on Salair, the witch queen, who plays an important role again. However, in this book, the other characters are explored more deeply, the wolf twins in particular.

Hayden put a disclaimer at the beginning of the book as there are sensitive topics discussed. They also opted to put trigger warnings at the start of the chapters with those particular topics. What I thought was incredibly unique and helpful for readers was that there were summaries at the end of those chapters. This allows readers to still enjoy the book, not miss out, and not be triggered by these topics. I did not skip any chapters and think that Hayden Knight did a great job of exploring difficult issues with compassion.

I would love to write more about the character development seen throughout the book, but I don’t want to give any spoilers. Just know that there is a diverse group of non-humans (and humans), and each one is given their own uniqueness.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few editing errors. At times these interrupted my flow of imagination.

Overall, I loved this book and will be reading the next. Get your copy here (affiliate link – thanks for your support).