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Review: Daughter of Hades by Mack Little

Daughter of Hades is a historical fiction set in the 17th century. We follow Dinny and her brother as they escape slavery aboard a pirate ship. They both try to find their place in the world, but Dinny’s previous owner wants revenge.

Daughter of Hades keeps the reader entranced within the story as the plot unfolds. Just as we think all is well, we are hit with a twist. I grew attached to certain characters, which made some outcomes less than desired. That doesn’t mean it didn’t fit the story. The author did a fantastic job of bringing emotions into the mix.

Through dialogue, Mack Little shows the readers that the characters are from various parts of the world and have different educational levels. It matched perfectly with the varying characters throughout the book.

This book has adult content and could be triggering for some people. However, I absolutely loved the book!


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