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Review: Mine by Rachael Tamayo

This book is about greed to the extreme. Justin is taken to Vegas to celebrate his birthday to discover that he has married a much younger woman. She turns out to be psychotic. There’s murder, betrayal, and many twists.

Rachael Tamayo wrote Mine in first person perspective, allowing different characters to share the telling of this twisted adventure. In the first few chapters, I was intrigued by the dynamic between Justin and his new wife. I was certain that I understood the plot until…. (sorry, no spoilers). I was dead wrong.

As I continued reading, I realized what the story was actually about. I knew the outcome until… (another twist). Once again, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the author could sneak in the twists. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and how well each character was fleshed out in their personalities.

Be prepared for murder and swearing. It’s not a bedtime story. But it is worth the read.

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