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Review: Wolf at the Door by Joel McKay

When a Thanksgiving dinner gets an uninvited guest, or two, blood will be shed.

The book’s cover gives some serious horror vibes. However, the content of the book was only slightly horrific. Each chapter focuses on a different person’s perspective of the events of the evening. The characters were relatable, being forced to attend a family dinner.

Once the introductions are finished, the action begins. The death scenes are perfectly detailed, so you can see what is happening. The fear is felt through the words straight to the reader.

When the evening finishes and the sun rises, the characters have a decision to make. I fully agree with their decision after the night they had.

It is a quick read and enjoyable for a horror lover. Just be aware that the kills are gory.

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Review: Mine by Rachael Tamayo

This book is about greed to the extreme. Justin is taken to Vegas to celebrate his birthday to discover that he has married a much younger woman. She turns out to be psychotic. There’s murder, betrayal, and many twists.

Rachael Tamayo wrote Mine in first person perspective, allowing different characters to share the telling of this twisted adventure. In the first few chapters, I was intrigued by the dynamic between Justin and his new wife. I was certain that I understood the plot until…. (sorry, no spoilers). I was dead wrong.

As I continued reading, I realized what the story was actually about. I knew the outcome until… (another twist). Once again, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the author could sneak in the twists. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and how well each character was fleshed out in their personalities.

Be prepared for murder and swearing. It’s not a bedtime story. But it is worth the read.

Get your copy here (affiliate link – thanks for your support).

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Review: Abigail by Daemon Manx

Abigail is a short story with a big concept. The story follows Adrian, a man who believes he will not find love. Yet he meets Abigail, who changes everything.

Looking at the cover, you can tell that a baby will be involved. What you don’t know is what happens once that baby is introduced.

The book was well written with a ton of plot happening in such a short time. Just enough description is used to set the scene but not become too wordy. Throughout the story, I kept wondering why those perceptions.

Finally, at the end of the book – big twist! Nope, I won’t spill the beans, but I will say that I did a double take and loved how it was revealed. Very few books can give a significant plot twist in such a compelling manner.

This is definitely worth the read!

Get your copy here (affiliate link).

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Review: A Flash of Horror by Karina Kantas

This is a collection of super-short stories that take less than five minutes each to read. Every story is unique, well written, and transports you directly into the story without having to read the often dull build-up. They were all full of excitement and yet simplistic. Even with the simplicity, there are sufficient details to let your imagination run wild.

The stories are designed to be horror; however, only a handful of the stories felt like horror. It is an enjoyable read, but I wished for more horror.

Get your copy here.

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Review: Preternatural 3, Reckoning by Peter Topside

This is the final chapter for Blackheart and Mr. Smith, and I was not disappointed. The story takes place a year after the second book. Meadowsville is trying to put their town back together when the unthinkable returns.

I enjoyed that there was a distinct battle between good and evil, light and darkness. The divide amongst the townspeople resembles much of our society. Many see things in black and white and forget their faith quite quickly. Interestingly, even those that want to do good are often coaxed into agreeing with something that they know will end badly. The politics amongst the townspeople, mayor, and town council is expertly explained, not just through the town meetings but through the emotional turmoil that the mayor is enduring.

The book contained great foreshadowing, which I won’t explain for fear of spoilers. It showed extensive character growth amongst the leading group and the town. I think that it had a fitting end with closure for the readers. The worst thing when reading a book is feeling like something was left unsaid. Peter did a wonderful job wrapping this story up.

My favourite part was that we heard more about the town’s beginnings, which I would love to read more about. Perhaps Peter will give us a prequel?

The book releases on April 12, 2022. Get your copy here.