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Review: Paths Best Left Untrodden by Kev Harrison

This is a collection of 13 short, creepy stories. I am a big fan of short scary stories because they let me get through them in one sitting. However, sometimes a short story isn’t enough, and I want more from the story.

The first story was one of those times that I wanted more! I knew where this story was headed within the first few paragraphs, but I wanted a more extended version to explain why. Why has the world become dystopian, and why do they need to sneak around (sorry can’t tell you more, or else there would be a spoiler).

Solstice was another story I enjoyed, but I wanted a more in-depth look at the characters and what brought them to where they ended. Suppression intrigued me but should have been a little longer (I know I said I liked short stories, but these were too good to be kept short).

Snap was the perfect amount of story and scare. My favourite story in the collection is Fourth Wall. The right length with a few “OH” moments captivated me to keep reading.

The book is an easy read and perfect for a teen who loves horror. Though, there were a few minor editing mistakes that shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying this masterpiece.

Something I haven’t seen in a short story collection was the author explaining where each idea came from. At the end of the book Kev Harisson describes where he got his great creepy ideas.

I loved this book and know that if you love horror, you will too!

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