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Review: Last Stop: Duisburg by Candace Rechtschaffen-Gillhooley

This is the true story of a family escaping from death and destruction. The book begins in 1868, introducing the families that eventually become one. In the beginning, there is a family tree (I spent some time looking back at this). The book is structured with the date, location, name, and photo of the person featured in the chapter. It is written in first person perspective and transports the reader to the time and place of their lives.

I enjoyed this book from the first page to the last and felt like I had inside knowledge of the past. There was so much of the past that I had never known that came to light within these pages. For example, the family fled from the Russians and made a wonderful life in Germany (I had never thought about Germany prior to WW2), only to need to leave behind their new life and run from Hitler.

When I was in high school learning about WWI and WW2, they glossed over how Hitler slowly turned the Germans against the Jewish people. There was no insight into how families lost their homes, businesses, and each other. I wish this book would be part of the history curriculum.

Unfortunately, there were a few edits that needed to be done, and I would like to see the paragraphs formatted to be easier on the eyes.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this heartbreaking, page-turning book!

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