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Review: The Epitome of Kimmy by Kimberly Anne Bell

All life is precious, and when a child comes into this world, they should be covered in love and acceptance—Kimberly shares how this was not the case for her in this memoir. Throughout the book, we understand how she came to ‘Accept & Embrace It All.’ A saying that I love!

The Epitome of Kimmy: Accept & Embrace It All by [Kimberly Bell]

Kimberly described many traumas in this book and how she persevered. It chronicles her life from birth into adulthood. The book kept me reading as I wanted to know how she was doing as an adult. I feel like this only skims the surface of the events that happened. I would love to read an extended version in the future that goes more in-depth about the emotions that she felt and the coping strategies that she found along the way.

It is a beautiful way to share with others that you can make it out of the darkness. It is worth the read.

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Review: Mommy I Need You by Regina Hall

This book is an easy read that I finished in two nights, but the topic of this book is not easy. This is the true story of sexual abuse that a young girl (Regina) had to endure. The book chronicles how she felt when it first started; scared and unsure, to a teenagmommyer who didn’t understand her own sexuality, to a woman who overcame the trauma.

There are excellent nuggets of wisdom and self discovery. Trauma can stay with you forever but Regina shows how you can use that trauma for good – by sharing her story.

The last few chapters were in-depth and I felt a real connection to the author. The first few chapters shared the story but were not as in depth as what was to come. Overall, for those that have suffered sexual trauma or are the parents to someone who has suffered sexual abuse this book gives great insight. Emotions can be difficult to explain and Regina does an excellent job of sharing those.

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Review: Breaking the Chains of Transgenerational Trauma: My Journey from Surviving to Thriving by Dorothy Husen

The title is a bit of a mouthful but the book will make your heart full. Right from the start of the book I was hooked; the author jumps right into her story and I wanted to know more! When she shares about her mother and grandmother’s stories it made sense how she was raised. It wasn’t a lack of love, it was what they knew and that is what they had to pass on.

I have heard about transgenerational trauma in the past; trauma that is passed on from generation to generation. It is quite common until someone finally learns how to break that cycle. That is what this book is really about. As much as I loved hearing about Dorothy’s story I was more interested in how she became the cycle breaker.

Throughout the book I could identify with some of the struggles that she had learned from her parents. I understood that certain lessons I had learned needed to be relearned. The trouble is how?

At the end of each chapter Dorothy gives you exercises that you can use to help break the cycle in your family. It is not an easy thing to do and I am a huge advocate for therapy if you have the opportunity. This book is a great starting point with the real life examples and the exercises. Don’t skip the exercises, they are worthwhile and will help you along your journey.