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Review: Death’s Intern by D.C. Gomez

Death’s Intern is the first in The Intern Diaries series. Isis Black gets offered a job working for death. Her first few days on the job are not easy, but she is committed to helping her friend.

The book is written from the main character’s perspective. We are able to understand Isis’s thought process and feel the emotional turmoil that she faces throughout the book.

All of the characters were unique and enjoyable. Even the bad guys had some exceptional comeback lines. By far, my favourite is Constantine. He is a no-nonsense kind of guy. Once e you read the book, you will know why I love him so much!

The only pitfall was a few grammatical errors. Unless you are an avid reader,  editor, or reviewer, you probably won’t even notice.

I was captivated by the story from the beginning. There was a great balance between prose and dialogue that kept the story progressing and keeps the reader invested. Overall, this was a great book, and I look forward to future encounters with Constantine and the whole team.

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Review: Preternatural Evolution by Peter Topside

This is the second installment of Preternatural, and I enjoyed being back in Meadowsville. There was not as much action throughout this book as the first one, but it had more character growth. The vibe of ‘evil never dies’ rings true throughout the entire novel, and yet I was rooting for it to die and let the people of Meadowsville finally have some peace.

An excellent addition to this book that many sequels don’t show was the characters’ trauma from the first book. The story takes place 15 years after the first novel, which sounds like a long time. However, when dealing with mental health (PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc.), 15 years is a blip. It was refreshing that the author kept true to life in the respect that the characters would have lingering effects from the first book’s events.

This installment is setting up for something big in the final novel. The characters have faced evil more times than any person should, and it isn’t over yet.

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If you haven’t read the first one, then be sure to get that too!