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Review: Swimming by Maggie Daniels

I hadn’t been able to find a poetry book geared to adults that I connected with…. until now. This is my new favourite book of poetry!

The first poem, ‘Childish Thoughts, ‘ hooked me right away. It spoke directly to my soul because it is how I have always felt, and poetry is all about feeling. Why can’t we be everything?

There is an excellent combination of poems; love, friendship, grief, future, past, present, etc.

Maggie doesn’t shy away from her truth, showing the authenticity of every poem. Her language choices are intentional and give the most impact per word.

I highly recommend this book!

Get your copy here.

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REVIEW – Heavy Backpack by Paint Fremmerlid

Life isn’t easy and for some it contains many hardships. This is a book of poetry that shares Paint’s hardships. Many of them are around their identity and coming out. Living a life hiding who you really are is a struggle, when you find the strength to finally live in your truth it can feel like a weight is lifted off of your shoulders. Paint not only comes out but shares with the world their journey of self-discovery. What being queer mean to them.  Heavy Backpack Paperback

The poems around finding their identity were my favourite. I haven’t struggled with that type of identity but I have struggled with masking my eccentricities. When the mask finally comes away it is a beautiful thing. By Paint sharing their story they are telling the world that you don’t need to hide behind the mask.

Many of the other poems are around the sexual assault that they had to endure. These are not easy poems to read and I am sure were not easy to write. Again, they are giving a voice to those who have had to struggle with this. Taking their life back from the hands of those who tried to take it away.

To see what else Paint has written click here.

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Walking Through Fog

Four weeks tomorrow my brother died expectantly. I am just starting to get out of the fog that I have been walking through the last four weeks, but I know I am not all of the way out of it yet. There is still another week and a half before we bury him.

My brother died due to a drug overdose (for more info on that check out the Write or Die episode where I talk about it a little more). He had suffered with addiction (a mental health illness) for most of my life, most of his life. When someone you care about dies suddenly it is a complete shock to the system. Though I always feared this would be his outcome I still held out hope that it wouldn’t end this way.

I keep thinking to myself, is there something else that I could have done? Something I could have said? Something I missed?

But ultimately, thinking like that won’t bring him back, it will just keep me in this fog of sadness. I know he loved me. I hope he knew that I loved him too.

What I want to share right now is that if you are struggling reach out. Your family may have created a boundary but they still love you. You are not alone.

If you love someone who is hurting and you don’t know how to help. Reach out. One of the hardest things for me right now is the what ifs. It is the talking with my mom about what could have been done differently. It is hearing how she wishes she did more. That hurt and guilt is not healthy. Though it is normal, it needs to be worked through.

Speak up, be honest, and get help if you need it.


If you are interested in some of the poetry that I wrote as a coping mechanism feel free to join the patreon family. Eventually, I plan to write a book about it.