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REVIEW – Heavy Backpack by Paint Fremmerlid

Life isn’t easy and for some it contains many hardships. This is a book of poetry that shares Paint’s hardships. Many of them are around their identity and coming out. Living a life hiding who you really are is a struggle, when you find the strength to finally live in your truth it can feel like a weight is lifted off of your shoulders. Paint not only comes out but shares with the world their journey of self-discovery. What being queer mean to them.  Heavy Backpack Paperback

The poems around finding their identity were my favourite. I haven’t struggled with that type of identity but I have struggled with masking my eccentricities. When the mask finally comes away it is a beautiful thing. By Paint sharing their story they are telling the world that you don’t need to hide behind the mask.

Many of the other poems are around the sexual assault that they had to endure. These are not easy poems to read and I am sure were not easy to write. Again, they are giving a voice to those who have had to struggle with this. Taking their life back from the hands of those who tried to take it away.

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