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REVIEW: Mafia Princess by Khadijah L. Wynter

Who said a woman couldn’t run the mafia? It isn’t often seen in the media, and I am glad that someone finally gave it a shot. The author did a wonderful job grabbing my attention in the first few paragraphs and kept me reading. It is an easy but intriguing read, and I finished it in two days because I couldn’t put it down. There was never a lull in the action.

The author did an amazing job at integrating two narratives by identifying the character as part of the chapter title. This gave the insight that was needed from both leads while still keeping the first-person narrative, which I truly enjoyed.

The main character is a badass woman (a mafia princess) who takes charge. The other major players in the book include some who don’t care for her ways and others who they inspire. Throughout the story, she doesn’t bend to the will of others, but she does learn to work with them.

If you like strong female leads, then this is a must-read. I think there is more in the works from this author and this mafia princess.

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