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Review – My Daze with the Dark Muse by DM Needom

This is not the type of book I would normally pick up but that’s the fun of having books sent to me to review. First off, if you have an aversion to harsh language this is not the book for you. Second, if you have an aversion to reading about sex, this book is not for you.  Other than that this book is an interesting read. B08PF8LXBN

The book starts with being written as if the main character is writing in his journal. I enjoyed this viewpoint as I don’t see it used much. It chronicles his struggle as a falling Rockstar with a drug addiction. The author does a great job in showing the internal struggle of being an addict but not wanting to be an addict.

As the book progresses the main character’s struggle progresses. Eventually, it ends him in rehab, but that is not the end of the story. The real ending (which I won’t give away) is a great twist. I didn’t see that coming and the author does a great job of building the suspense before revealing the twist.


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Review – I Forget to Stay Sober by J.T. Wahlberg

If I had to sum this book up in one word that word would be honest. There was no fluff, no pity party, no excuses; just pure vulnerable honesty.

Not only does J.T. share how stupid he was (his words not mine ; I think he was brave) but he shares why he got sober the stupid way. The stupid way was trying to do it alone. The body becomes so reliant on alcohol that withdrawing incorrectly can kill you. J.T. found that out the hard way (and I think we are all glad that it didn’t kill him). There are detox centers that will help you to carefully and safely get sober.

When J.T. did make it through the initial process of getting sober he had to get back to life – work. He shares how he was able to make it through the first shift, then the next and continuing in career in the hospitality business (where he had to be around alcohol nearly everyday). The system of counting to seven and forgetting to get drunk worked well for him; and perhaps it could help you as well.

Finally, one of the most interesting pieces in the book was when J.T. writes about having to decline a drink when socializing. Since alcohol is a normalized part of society when someone declines a drink they are often questioned. We need to normalize not drinking.

This book is definitely worth the read, whether you are struggling with your alcohol consumption or if you love someone who is struggling. This book not only talks about the process but the feelings that he had to deal with and why he continued for so long.

If you prefer to listen it is on audible (that is how I listened to the book) and J.T. reads it, which I find it extra special to hear his voice telling his story.

If you would like to read the book please consider using my affiliate link here.

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Review – One Thing Remains by David & Shannon Carroll

Stress has been proven over and over again to effect the body (including our vital organs; heart, lungs, brain, etc.). Many of us ignore when we are feeling stressed and instead chose to push through. In our western society this is seen as ‘strength’. However, this is really weakness. Ignoring what our mind is telling us (stress) is a weakness of communicating within ourselves. Eventually the mind decides to to take over the communication with us by affecting us in another way (often seen as non-stress related) and essentially forcing us to finally listen.

In One Thing Remains this communication between the stress, mind and body is clear. By ignoring the stress David’s mind decided enough was enough and it would force David to listen. The book shows us that when we don’t take time for rest we can lose things that are important to us. In David’s case it was his memory. See the source image

For nearly a month David and his family had to traverse unknown territory. Throughout the struggle there was one constant that remained for David, one thing that never left him even though 13 years of his life had been wiped from his memory. No I am not going to tell you what that one thing was because I want you to read the book.

What I will say is that this book is a beautiful reminder to take care of yourself. To listen to your mind, to you body and to the stress that is inevitable. We can’t truly escape all stress in life but we can take the time that we need to rejuvenate and reenergize instead of pushing through.

I encourage you to take the time to read this book and take its message to heart.

If you are interested in reading the book please consider ordering through my affiliate link.

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Take a Break!

You may have noticed that I didn’t have a blog last week. And this week I am a day late.

When things like that happened I used to beat myself up. Think that I was the worst person ever. Think no one would want to read what I had to share. Think that I am letting down those that do read and they would ‘leave me’.

This is part of my mental health. This is what a couple of my books are about and what the Write or Die Show is all about.

Going through therapy and talking to all of the great guests on the show has helped me not beat myself up when I need a break. I’ve been working on a big project for the past two weeks and finally finished it (yay). Since that project was so big I was working seven days a week at all hours of the day. Which I was okay with because it was pretty fun.

As I got closer to the deadline I focused even harder (which is why I missed last week’s blog). This week I took yesterday off (which is why today’s blog is a day late).


It was okay that I took the time that I needed to refresh my brain. If you are anything like me and beat yourself up if you miss a small routine or need a break I am here to tell you that it is okay if you need a break.


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Review: Where the Light Shines by Kelly Inviere

I love poetry and have written quite a bit of it over the years. It was my main coping mechanism during my teenage years when I didn’t think that I could go on. That was how I compiled my first book Thoughts of a Wanderer and even added in some poetry to my mostWhere the Light Shines Through: A Memoir in Poetry by [Kelly Inviere] recent book. The point is I love poetry.

And the book Where the Light Shines by Kelly Inviere is a book of poetry. She uses poetry much in the same way that I did to cope with some difficult and traumatizing times in her life. She does a fantastic job!

Poetry is a very fluid form of expression and there are many ways to write it. Personally, using some type of rhyming scheme is a must. Which is a big positive for this book as Kelly incorporates various strategies of rhyming. It is an easy read but a heartfelt and deep dive read. The more poems that you read the more you can see how the story of her life unfolds. It is a very unique way to write an autobiography and it was a pleasure to read.

If you are interested in getting your own copy, please consider using my affiliate link.