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Review: The Last Magdalene: Book One of the Magdalene Chronicles by Donna D. Conrad

Miriam was born to the reigning Magdalene but lost her mother to an arranged marriage. She is raised in the ways of the priestesses while her parentage is hidden from the world. Miriam wants to control her life, so she flees the safety of the temple only to be met with torment. Upon her return, she continues down the path that was destined for her.

The Last Magdalene is a historical fiction book set during the biblical era. Written from the narrative of the main character, Miriam, the readers are immersed in her world and feel her emotional turmoil. Donna D. Conrad does an amazing job creating the backdrop of Miriam’s world. The depth of her relationships with those around her catapults this story into a must-read.

I loved the depth of emotion of all of the various characters. The pain of losing those you love is not easily expressed, yet this author conveys the emotions so clearly—joy, sadness, and confusion.

At the end of the book, the author includes historical information, giving background to how she came up with concepts within the fictional world of the Last Magdalene.

If you enjoy historical fiction, this is a great read.

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