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Review: You are Deathless by Nicole Angelique Kerr

You Are Deathless chronicles Nicole Kerr’s near-death experience and the lessons that she learned.

Throughout the book, Nicole shares photos from her recovery. Pictures with the people who helped her. And most interestingly, the image from the news article of the crash shows the car. Seeing that photo makes me wonder how anyone could have lived through it.

Early in the book, Nicole delves into the topic of our identities and how they can be wrapped up in different things. When something tragic (like a car accident) happens, we lose our sense of identity. That chapter hit me hard as I identified with losing my identity after an unknown injury prevented me from kickboxing. I felt so alone throughout my struggle to find out who I am now. Reading Nicole’s story helped me know I am not alone in that struggle. 

The other key takeaway Nicole shared was the connection to food to feel joy from past trauma. Struggling with food is a common problem. You Are Deathless explores past traumas leading us to our current behaviours.

Overall, this is an interesting read.

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