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Review: Zarya by Jackiem Joyner

Zarya was forced to grow up without her parents. When she discovers they are still alive and the military is behind their disappearance, she races to find them. Along the way, she discovers something far greater is at stake.

Zarya: Cydnus Final Hope

I really enjoyed the fast pace of the book. The characters were all likable (even the bad guys were great as bad guys). The interactions between friends were exactly how teenagers would react to each other. Especially when a new character is introduced, best friends must figure out the new piece to the puzzle.

Author Jackiem Joyner does a fantastic job describing the landscapes, helping the reader visualize but not drown in the details. The balance can be tricky to find, but Zarya nails it.

The author designed a world in need of a hero and a quest that was perfect for a laid-back but enjoyable read.

As an adult, I enjoyed it, and I know that my younger self would have loved it too!

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