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Review: 5150: A Transfer by Duncan MacLeod

Mental health affects everyone, directly or indirectly, with various onset times. Schizophrenia often has an onset in the early 20s, and this novel takes us through Ethan’s psychosis. He is taken into outer space and must find his way back before his brain turns to cotton. The orange juice makes him forget, and he is losing time.

When I was first given this book, I didn’t understand the title, 5150. Once I learned that 5150 meant being put on psychiatric hold, I realized that was what ‘being formed’ meant where I live. The title fits the book perfectly!

There is not much outer dialogue but a huge amount of inner dialogue. 5150 is written in first person, giving insight into Ethan’s state of mind that second or third-person viewpoints would not have been able to provide. It was the perfect choice for this book.

Seeing the world through Ethan’s eyes as he slowly falls deeper into his psychosis is heartwrenching. He has no idea what is happening to him and has strangers (doctors) telling him what to do. He didn’t even know he was ill.

5150 is a must-read for anyone interested in the mental health field.

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