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REVIEW: Insurrection: A White Council Novel by Brandon Hargraves

A year after Reflection, Dawn and the other characters are again in the middle of life-challenging events. Political unrest, surprise encounters and learning the greyness of the world make this fantasy a roller coaster.

This is the perfect continuation for this story; I loved the continued character development. Dawn’s shadow still appears as she learns that the world is not black and white. The other characters are finding their voices and trying to find their roles in society while still maintaining who they are. The solid friendships of Book 1 were tested, and some became quite strained.

A fantastic “WHOA!” moment came when a certain character appeared (not telling who). It was a great shock and worked really well into the overall story.

Compared to the first book, there were more fights and hardships. The fight scenes weren’t too drawn out and added great substance to the story.

I look forward to the next installment to see where this story goes.

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