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Review: The Energized Self by Andrea Medina

The Energized Self begins as a memoir and ends with the inclusion of others’ heartfelt stories.

The book starts with a bang, and I was immediately hooked. Andrea Medina’s memoir is extremely relatable; her struggle with self-worth and the need for validation echoed through my teenage years. Having lived with an alcoholic stepfather walking on eggshells became an everyday occurrence. Reading Andrea Medina express her experience not only transported me into her living room but brought my teenage years back.

Expressing verbal and emotional abuse through the written word is difficult. However, Andrea Medina does an amazing job getting to the root of why so many of us don’t believe it is happening “we weren’t physically hurt, so the word abuse seemed inappropriate.”

The second half of the book intertwines others’ stories with the author. Each story is unique but provides valuable insight into the interconnectedness of the human experience. We each have different paths, but the lessons we learn overarches many lives.

Finally, a letter to Andrea’s Dad finished the book. The letter was neither condemning nor forgiving. It simply was.

Overall, I enjoyed this book!

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