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Review: Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2 Dimensional World by Tim McCarthy

Raising 4 Dimensional Children in a 2-Dimensional World is a parenting book that incorporates the 4 dimensions of a human (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical). The book is sectioned based on the 4 dimensions and age groups (e.g. infant, young child, middle-aged child, etc.).

Each chapter starts with two mini-scripted stories of parent and child interaction to show the different ways that a situation can be approached. These scenarios perfectly set the scene for the information presented throughout the chapter.

I really enjoyed the breakdown of age groups and the breakdown of each dimension within the age group. It is an easy-to-follow format that allows the reader to find what they need specifically.

Nearly everything in the book was research-based (the author mentions an opinion occasionally and is very clear about what is and is not an opinion). Each chapter ended with references used within the chapter. Having taken some psychology in college and university, I appreciated that Tim McCarthy incorporated multiple psychological theories, as no one theory has it all. The author stayed neutral and shared important research while helping parents learn the ins and outs of child development.

Overall, I think this is an excellent parenting book, even if you are past the infant stage. It is the type of book that you can use for years.

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