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Review: Terror Strikes by Joseph M. Lenard

Terror Strikes, Coming to a City Near You, is a book within a book. The main character, Marten, is writing a book about terrorism, both nationally and internationally. The novel starts with Marten receiving a cryptic phone call and ends with (I won’t tell you that).

A lot of research went into this book. The writing style of using Marten’s book to tell this story is a detour from typical books. Terror Strikes felt like a lengthy read. However, the language  Joseph M Lenard uses is easy to read.

Unfortunately, because it was mostly Marten’s book, there was very little dialogue. As you know, I am a big fan of dialogue moving the story forward.

The final two chapters grabbed my attention, and I enjoyed the ending (still not sharing).

If you enjoy historical fiction, this is an interesting read.

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