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Tik Tok!!!!

I did it, I joined and now I’m a Tik Tokker. If you aren’t on the platform, why not? I’ll admit it can be time consuming and suck you in, but I am having so much fun. If you are on the platform follow me @writeordieshow

The videos that I post are all based around mental health, shocking right?

When Tik Tok first came out like many I was thinking “nope, never going to happen”. I didn’t want to be on a platform with a bunch of young kids making up dances. However, it has been overrun by, ahem, adults. There are many people who are my age getting on there to spread their message, or just jokes. A personal favourite of mine are the animal videos.

This has given me a great release for short thoughts that I want to share. My longer thoughts will make new books.

If you are looking for a time killer, I mean another way to get some information, then join me on Tik Tok.

And no, I get nothing in return for telling you to join, other than hopefully a few more follows.

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