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Writer’s block is a frustrating and common problem in the world of writing. Even as I sat down to write this blog I had writer’s blog, I had no idea what to talk about this week. So, I figured I would talk about the fact I didn’t know what to write.

Writer’s block often feels like I am just hitting a wall, staring blankly at the page in front of me while the cursor flashes and mocks my inability to get a word typed out. There are few reasons why this happens:

  • unmotivated
  • no creative inspiration
  • doubt
  • exhaustion
  • fear of failure

No matter what the reason it is a frustrating phenomenon that occurs at the most inconvenient time. I can remember in school getting writer’s block while trying to write an essay. Now I get it when trying to do my actual job, writing, and since it is my job I needed to find ways to cope and overcome the block.

Here are a few ways that I have found help me:

  • listen to music (I have a certain playlist that I will listen to when writing that seems to just get the juices flowing)
  • go for a walk/exercise – give your brain a ‘reset’ by making it release some happy hormones
  • affirmations – using the affirmation “I am creating” has come to my rescue on more than one occasion
  •  take a nap – if my mind is too exhausted whatever I write won’t make sense anyways
  • remind myself that the only way to fail is to give up, there will be some people that don’t like what I write and that is okay because there will be others that do

Figure out why you are having writer’s block and try to use one of the above strategies to overcome it. If all else fails maybe you need to start over and come up with a fresh new idea, I know I have some unfinished works.

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