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REVIEW: Dissonance of Bird Song by Alexandra Beaumont

Starting in a small village, we awake with the main character, Eseld, while her twin is asleep. Eseld feels the ocean’s pull but cannot live without the myst that the birds bring. Unfortunately, every year, fewer birds return, creating a disturbing number of people sent to the pits. Eseld must escape to the ocean to save her sister and the birds.

The author does an amazing job of using folklore as the base for this book while building something entirely different. The world was crafted as the reader went on the journey with Eseld. We knew what she knew, giving the book the suspense and wonder it deserved.

Even though the druid isn’t in the book for any real length of time, he plays a pivotal role. He is easy to hate, yet Alexandra Beaumont gives his character such depth that by the end, the reader can see something that wasn’t there before.

Eseld changes throughout the story, but her main characteristic gets stronger – like her!

If you enjoy fantasy and folklore, this is an excellent book for you!

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