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REVIEW: Gone Said the Vulture by David Nemeth

Unlike most things that I review, this is a screenplay, and the film is still in production. Being one of the first to know the whole story is very exciting, but don’t worry, I won’t give you any spoilers. What I will give you is my honest opinion of the screenplay as a whole.

I could picture the story vividly as David set the scenes. Most of the story takes place in the desert with the heat and animals that you would expect. The character development through the story is evident and the growth realistic. In the beginning, I was pulled in wanting to know more about why the main character was in the desert. As much as I prefer the heat, I wouldn’t just wander around the desert.

The nice thing about the screenplay is that it keeps you guessing what is really happening. It isn’t until the end that all of the pieces finally fall together. Once that happens, it is easy to understand the motivations behind the characters.

Once the film is completed, I would love to see how it turns out because I enjoyed the script. I suggested that everyone take a moment to watch it once available. It is more than a clever story. There is a message behind it that we need to remember.

To watch the teaser, click here.