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Review: Paradigm Busters Reveal the Real You by Marilyn Redmond

The book’s premise is wonderful – change your life and live the true you. There are many excellent pointers in the book to help you achieve that goal. Each chapter ends with questions to help you along your journey to this end goal. 

I particularly enjoyed the first chapter where the author shared her story and her parents (what she knew of their stories anyways). This set up the reader to understand why the author wrote this book and how she is a true expert on the topic (beyond her education).

There were parts in the book that I disagreed with for my life (e.g., that medications stop you from finding your true self). However, that does not discredit the book’s other helpful and insightful aspects. The reader can pinpoint the critical elements that the author portrays because they repeat throughout the book. Hearing (or reading) the same thing a few times helps sink that information into your brain.

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