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Review: Life Between Seconds by Douglas Weissman

Peter and Sophia have both run from traumatic experiences in their lives. Life Between Seconds brings them together and pushes them to understand their past and hopefully find their future.

This is a slow read with big emotions. Human experiences are some of the hardest to put onto paper in a fictional setting, but Douglas Weissman hits all the emotional buttons. The present day is interspersed with memories of the past. Pleasant memories, along with the devastating memories that brought the characters to their present.

I particularly enjoyed the past memories. These helped to clarify why the characters were the way they were. The heartache must have been unbearable, yet they managed to continue going even with their lives in utter ruin.

The saying “It is better to have loved and to have lost than to have never loved at all” rings through this book.

If you enjoy a heartfelt story of love, loss, and acceptance, this book is for you.

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