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Review: What If You Could by Lynne Harley

A little caterpillar is hanging out on a branch with big dreams. There is a positive and negative voices competing for his attention.

This is a beautifully drawn book. Each page has a few rhyming sentences with an eye-catching image. The story is simple and yet shares a big idea.

Everyone deals with both positive and negative self-talk. Negative self-talk can be so detrimental that some of us spiral into depression (I’ve been there). The negativity can be so loud and demanding that it can be hard to ever realize that there is anything good in life and that we can achieve what we want.

His voice was belittling the little caterpillar. Luckily, the positive voice was louder, and the caterpillar realized he could fly!

I read it to my almost three-year-old grandson, who loved the book. It is cute and teaches children to believe in themselves.

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Review: Jace Wars Episode 2 by Aaron Russell

Two weeks ago, I reviewed the first Jace Wars comic; today, we are looking at the second. If you don’t remember, these comics are based around Jace, who had a brain tumor when he was very young. These comics give a different perspective on the family’s journey to fight and stick together through difficult times. The money raised has been going to McMaster Children’s hospital for many years.

The story continues with Jace, Gigi, and the rest of their crew as they set out to stop a deadly virus from being released.

The story had an interesting arch, lots of emotion, and a few twists. At one point, I was upset at what happened to some characters that I liked. I am excited to see the outcome when episode three is finally released!

The artwork was spot on, which is very important for a comic. At times the story progresses through pictures alone. This is accomplished because the artwork is consistent and detailed.

At the end of the book, there are a few informational pages. These explain how the villains were created based on difficult emotions that the family had to deal with during Jace’s fight with the tumor. The  next informational page explained Jace’s armor and what each mark meant. It was ‘t just a cool drawing but encaptured significant events and people. I was  aptivated by the amount of thought that went into each character and the armor.

Jace Wars is a great story for all ages. Particuarly to help children who may be struggling with something challenging.

Be sure to check out the Jace Wars website and take a read.

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Review: Redefining Normal by Justin and Alexis Black

Children should never have to suffer, but the reality is that many children do. Many children endure a life that others can only fathom through nightmares. If those children are lucky they may end up in the foster care system, but that doesn’t mean that their nightmare ends. Not all foster homes are loving or supportive. There is a need for loving families to become foster parents.

Justin and Alexis were two of those children living through a nightmare. As a parent it was a struggle to read the pain that they had to endure at the hands of those who were supposed to protect and love them. It makes me want to hold onto my children even tighten.

Though they were both in the foster care system they had significantly different reasons for entering. Throughout the book they each share what caused them to enter the system and their experiences within the system. It is interesting to see how different their lives were but in the end found love with each other.

Each section has an ‘Alexis’ and a ‘Justin’ portion where the reader learns more about each of their pasts and understand how they are similar. Culminating in the ending section that is written together.

Trauma in the past does not need to define who we are in the present. For anyone who is struggling with their past this is an excellent book to read. Even if you were not in the foster care system this book has something to offer. If you have ever thought about fostering a child but unsure due to their past trauma this is a must read. Just because these children had traumatic experiences does not mean that they are not worthy of love and respect.

Given the chance most children will shine through. If you don’t put a plant in sunshine it will wilt and die but if you give it what it needs it will flourish and bloom.

To purchase their story click here.