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Review: Vorodin’s Lair by JV Hilliard


This is the second installment in the Warminster series, and I am still hooked! I loved the first book and can’t wait for the next part. The story continues from where we left off, trying to figure out what the visions mean and trying to stop Graytorris. All while a war brews.

The novel is fast-paced and introduces new characters while expanding on the story of the previous characters. Each character gets enough ‘book time’ to make them feel alive. Even the minor characters are major players. Every action within the book has meaning to push the story forward. The fight scenes are exciting and not overbearing.

There is a specific part of the book that took me by complete surprise. I can’t say much more, or I will spoil it, but I was shocked and didn’t see it coming.

This series is marvelously plotted and well-written. I highly recommend it and look forward to part three.

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Review: Break Through to Yes by David B Savage

This is an in-depth look at collaboration, from the whys to the hows. David B. Savage masterfully integrates years of experience as a negotiator with research on the hot topic of collaboration. 

Collaboration is much more than simply working together. The author goes through the minute details that affect the outcome of collaboration; for the good and bad.

I appreciated the inclusion of anecdotal experience backed up with research. It is a well-written book that should be used by those looking to be in a leadership role.

The book ends with advice from various individuals, giving a broader range of collaboration insights.

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Review: Cycle of Lives by David Richman

Three and a half years ago, I had cancer. There was already a lot going on in my life, so thinking about the diagnosis wasn’t on the radar. Even after two surgeries and a stay overnight because of an infection that almost killed me, I still didn’t give my cancer much thought. Many of us try not to overthink about our cancer because it is scary. I could have died!

Cycle of Lives is a collection of 15 stories about how cancer affected them, from the survivors to those who cared for loved ones. But more than that, it is a book of emotions. Sure, cancer has affected me, but I am more than my cancer, and this book captures 15 individuals’ lives, cancer included.

I thought this book had an attractive format that I haven’t seen in similar books. Between the stories, the author shares about his 5,000-mile bike ride and how he came to terms with his sister’s death. There was a short biography page about each person that gave a brief overview of what might be expected in their section. Within each section, the stories have subheadings making them easier to digest.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It wasn’t a page-turner, but it was a heart-turner. This would make an excellent gift for someone going through a cancer diagnosis (or the family and friends of that person).

Get your copy here.

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Review: Wolf at the Door by Joel McKay

When a Thanksgiving dinner gets an uninvited guest, or two, blood will be shed.

The book’s cover gives some serious horror vibes. However, the content of the book was only slightly horrific. Each chapter focuses on a different person’s perspective of the events of the evening. The characters were relatable, being forced to attend a family dinner.

Once the introductions are finished, the action begins. The death scenes are perfectly detailed, so you can see what is happening. The fear is felt through the words straight to the reader.

When the evening finishes and the sun rises, the characters have a decision to make. I fully agree with their decision after the night they had.

It is a quick read and enjoyable for a horror lover. Just be aware that the kills are gory.

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Review: Every Day Excellence by Joseph RR Templin

This book is a full year worth of self-improvement. Each day starts with a quote, followed by an explanation/story, and finally an activity. All are aimed at helping you grow.

I really enjoyed the quotes and found them to be inspirational. The explanations/stories the author used to add a deeper meaning to each day. They are used to reinforce what the quote expressed to help set up the deep thoughts that the activity evokes.

If you enjoy journalling (you will need your own notebook) this is a wonderful book to guide you on the journey.

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