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Review: Queen of Madness by Hayden Knight

This book is a continuation of Queen of Magic (check out the review) set 6 months into the future. The story broadens our horizons of the people and lands surrounding the main characters, putting attention onto a new foe, the Queen of the Fae.

This book is written in the same style as the first, using lots of dialogue to progress the story. Something that I am a big fan of, with just enough descriptions to bring the world to life. The first book focussed on Salair, the witch queen, who plays an important role again. However, in this book, the other characters are explored more deeply, the wolf twins in particular.

Hayden put a disclaimer at the beginning of the book as there are sensitive topics discussed. They also opted to put trigger warnings at the start of the chapters with those particular topics. What I thought was incredibly unique and helpful for readers was that there were summaries at the end of those chapters. This allows readers to still enjoy the book, not miss out, and not be triggered by these topics. I did not skip any chapters and think that Hayden Knight did a great job of exploring difficult issues with compassion.

I would love to write more about the character development seen throughout the book, but I don’t want to give any spoilers. Just know that there is a diverse group of non-humans (and humans), and each one is given their own uniqueness.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few editing errors. At times these interrupted my flow of imagination.

Overall, I loved this book and will be reading the next. Get your copy here (affiliate link – thanks for your support).