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Review: Cheers From Heaven by Mary Elizabeth Jackson & Thornton Cline

The messages held within this book are essential to living a life filled with happiness. The basis of the story is that a few kids in a class bully another boy who dies. After his death, the kids are riddled with grief about how they acted towards him. Throughout the book, they have to learn to forgive themselves and help show others how to make others feel good. Cheers From Heaven

Bullying is a hot topic, my son was bullied extensively in elementary school (starting right in kindergarten), so this book is needed! It should be read at a young age; it is never too early to start the conversation and discussed openly what bullying is and what each person can do to prevent it. I hope that it doesn’t take a death to make someone realize that their bullying ways were not okay and that this book can have the impact that the authors want.

It is written for a younger audience, making it the perfect book to read in the early elementary school grades. This is the time when children are most impressionable – a perfect time to help them understand how not to be a bully and how to be a friend.

At the end of the book, there are questions that teachers/adults can use to spark conversations and ideas around bullying prevention. This book should be in every school!

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