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Coming Soon!

For the past year I have been working on a new non-fiction novel and I am very excited to announce that at the end of March it will be published! Now this blog is not to be salesy (but of course I would love for you do read the full book) what I want to do is explain what it is about and why it is an important book.

This new book is called “Embracing Me” and is about embracing the parts of yourself (or myself) that we often try to hide from the world. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading my first book (Thoughts of a Wanderer) you may not know that I have depression. I have tried hard to hide this (sometimes not so successfully) because I used to view it as a major weakness. I didn’t want to show that weakness to others.

Last year I was working on a goal setting book but I had this nagging thought that I wasn’t working on the right book. I felt the need to write about mental health awareness. Not just awareness but how to love yourself even when you may be dealing with some form of mental health trouble.

One of things that really bothers me is hearing how cavalier some people talk about or tease about those who are dealing with mental health problems. And I was compelled to let others know that even if you are struggling you aren’t broken, it is something I have been working on in my own life.

Throughout this book I share some of the tips that have helped me and explaining my story so that others don’t feel alone. One of the worst feelings is the of feeling you are the only one struggling with a problem. So I wanted to share my story for others to feel included. As well for others who simply want to understand how others might be feeling to better support a friend or family member this book is my story so that others may be able to understand others. Understanding is the first step to stop the stigma around mental health.

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