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Review: The Trillias Gambit by J.V. Hilliard

The Trillias Gambit is the third book of the Warminsters Series. Daemus Alaric and his companions must find the Tome of Enlightenment (find out why in book 2) through the Labyrinth. Across the realm, Princess Addilyn and Sir Ritter are faced with the ever-vengeful assassin. And the war takes form with many twists and turns.

I loved books one (review here) and two (review here) and was not surprised that I absolutely love book three!

JV Hilliard does a fantastic job keeping each plotline on track, interesting and intertwined and giving the characters enough time to accomplish their goals (good or bad). Character growth continued to be a central theme throughout this book, even when it meant that I was mad at the author.

The first two books developed the world well and continued to evolve throughout part 3. The expansive realm that is Warminster can be seen through the eyes of the readers.

If you love fantasy, you must read this series! And now I can’t wait for the fourth.

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