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List It!

To Do List
To Do Notebook

You may be able to relate to this – my mind is always racing. I get easily overwhelmed thinking about all of the things that need to be done and don’t end up doing any of it. I have tried various techniques to help with that and the one that I found works best for me was weekly to-do lists.

What I mean by that is the week divided up with a to do list under each day. No appointments on this list just all the things. The reason I need it divided up was because when I had one list it still seemed too overwhelming. I also tried listing based on category; home, work, kids, etc. That didn’t help.

Finally, my mother-in-law gave me a little pad of a weekly to do list. I could look at my calendar and see what days I had time to do which tasks and write those tasks in those days. Then I only needed to worry about what I was doing that day. If I finished everything then I could easily see what else needed to get done. This worked really well for me.

Then the little pad ran out of paper. I tried doing the same thing on a white board but it wasn’t the same. Being able to scratch out done tasks is too satisfying and seeing all the finished tasks was almost as important as seeing them divided up by day. It’s motivating.

Which is why I decided to make my own. I was just going to make one for me but thought that I can’t possibly be the only one struggling to find a solution to the overwhelm that is life and all it’s things. After I made it for me, I have published it on Amazon to order.

If you do happen to order the notebook, I want you to know that the cover picture are my actual dogs. They are my work helpers – or work procrastinators.

Everyone’s brain thinks differently. If you are having trouble with overwhelm just keep trying different techniques to help. Eventually you will find something that works for you.

To Do List
Weekly To Do Notebook

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