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Review: My Pet Zombie by James L Rickard

The title intrigues the reader from the get go – how do you get a zombie as a pet? It is a great metaphor that you will understand as you read the book; I loved the moment I realized how that works. It had me laughing.

The book is an easy read, great for pre-teens and not too gory. There is just enough fight description to understand the hardships of the main characters without going overboard.  It was nice to read a book about zombies that had a different reason for turning into the monsters society has learned to love. By the end of the book I was invested in the characters (don’t worry I deleted the spoiler I almost shared) and wanted to continue following them. Maybe there is a book two in the works?

Unfortunately, there were grammar mistakes that had me pausing at times to re-read the sentence. It didn’t detract from the overall story and I still enjoyed this book.

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