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Creating my Audiobook

I love listening to audiobooks so I decided that I needed to make an audiobook out of mine. I wanted to start with my newest one Embracing Me and after that I’ll start on A Mother’s Truth. I had no idea how to do it but I figured the first step would have to be recording then editing it

I was pretty excited to do the recording because I thought I could do a really good job. I mean it is my story. Who else would be a better narrator than me to tell my own story? 

I needed to figure out what software to use, luckily I have some great connections in my business group and somebody told me to use Audacity. If you aren’t sure what Audacity is it’s a pretty simplistic audio editing software and I had no problem using it. If I could do it you could do it and it’s free to download!

 I downloaded that and I started recording. I feel like I did a good job. I guess all of you will have to let me know once you hear it. When I was editing I had to learn as I went because I had no idea what I was doing. I suppose I could have found somebody else to do it but I wanted to see if I could do it myself (plus it did save me some money).  I went through it and edited the recordings, mostly just taking out all of the little noises of my water bottle or my weird noises

Overall I think it turned out pretty well. Now all I have to do is figure out how the heck I get it onto an audiobook service. That is my next step. As I figure it out I’ll tell you all how I did it and of course announce to you when it’s done.

If you wanted a sneak peek at the audiobook I have put a little bit on the patreon page for those that are patrons.