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Work in Progress

This year is getting exciting; and yes I realize that it is two thirds over. The beginning of this year was a bit of a struggle mentally, but it is turning out to be a great end of the year.

The YouTube channel Write or Die Show is going well and has been getting great feedback. When I first came up with the idea for the channel I didn’t know how I would find guests or if anyone would even be interested in listening to the interviews. However, I have already recorded nearly 80 interviews and have a waitlist of 20 guests for the next set of recordings.

From the interviews that have already been posted people are thanking me for talking about mental health. I am blown away by the encouragement that I have received. Not that anyone needs external validation but when my depression rears (which is was – and telling me this was a horrible idea) having that external validation helps to quiet those negative thoughts.

There will be lots more episodes coming and I hope you will share them!

In March I was able to publish not just one but two books! Diamond the Cat and Embracing Me came out that month. Again, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to everyone who has purchased the books and I am so glad that the messages are impactful.

As you know (if you have been keeping up on the blog) I have been diligently working on the audiobook for Embracing Me, and I am happy to announce that it has been sent into ACX and is now awaiting approval. Fingers crossed there isn’t anymore editing that needs to be done.

A Little Scare is almost finished the editing process as well and should be released by the end of September if all goes well. Just in time to make a great Christmas gift for the teen who loves horror. I am really excited about this book as it is so different from what I have published previously and I hope that everyone will enjoy the collection.

Don’t worry I have some more non-fiction books in the works as well.

The Crime Stoppers of Niagara history book is coming along. It is a slow process but involves much more research than previous projects I have worked on. I have learned so much about Crime Stoppers and it really is an interesting organization.

The newest book that I have started working on is my first collaboration with a another author. This will be his first published book and I am excited about the topic – mental health. Which we all know is a topic I love to talk about. In this book we are examining it in regards to biblical principles (if you didn’t know I am a Christian and this has been a book on my mind for many years). This is just getting started so it will be a few months before it is ready to publish.

And if all of that wasn’t enough I will be releasing a self-care journey journal. More on that as it gets more into production. Plus, a list of ideas to be written – more scary stories and more children’s books.

Wow, I have my work cut out for me. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me.