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Review: When Grace Found Me, Volume 3 by Kim Lengling

This anthology shares the story of various women from all over the world. Each story shows how God’s grace touched their lives. When Grace Found Me : Real-Life Stories of Women of Faith by [Kim  Lengling, Ruth Pearson, LTYV Publishing]

I loved how each story started with a photo of the woman. It connected the reader with the real-life person who shared their struggles. These aren’t light-hearted, funny adventures but real, human, tragic, heartbreaking stories. They show the various ups and downs that people from across the globe face.

No one story is the same as another. Each person on this Earth has various experiences that can be expressed and handled in a multitude of ways. This book shows a snapshot of the immense possibilities that one might face in their life.

An everyday woman (not an author by trade) writes each story; some are better than others. Some stories left me wanting more. Some pulled at my heartstrings while others did not. But it never took away from the soul behind the message and the book’s purpose.

Overall, this was a fantastic read.

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Review: Sheila’s Men by Jenna Ashlyn

Sheila’s Men is about a woman, Sheila, who is trying to do the best she can for her daughter. However, through doing what Sheila thinks is expected of her she ends up marrying a man who turns out to be extremely abusive. The story is based on the author’s experience in hopes to shed light on abusive relationships and help others get out. sheil

The book is written from Sheila’s perspective and the author does a beautiful job narrating through Sheila’s inner dialogue. The inner dialogue gives us glimpses into the thought process of staying in an abusive relationship. Society condemns women for staying but it is not as simple as a choice of staying. The narration shows a side of life that, luckily, most of us don’t have to experience; the fear, pain and hopelessness of being with a spouse who consistently berates and abuses.

The author does a great job of bringing the reader into the story and becoming invested in Sheila. Rooting for her to escape. Cheering her on as her confidence grows.

In the first half of the book there are off scenes that are like dream sequences about ‘the gray’. A place that is scary and has hungry, evil individuals prowling for Sheila. I did not enjoy these off scenes because they took me out of the story. I had a hard time transitioning from the story to these parts then back again.

Overall, this is a well-written book that shows life outside of our often shielded worlds.

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**if you are in an abusive situation please seek help, there are often shelters available to help you escape