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Review: Grace for Grant by Jacqueline Farthing Galvin

The emotional journey that transpires throughout this book is hard to imagine, but the author does a fantastic job of bringing those emotions out. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jacqueline on the Write or Die Show,, so I knew how Grant’s journey on Earth would end. Yet, I was still hoping that somehow he was going to make it; that somehow this mother’s story would end with bringing her child home. That is how invested in the story I, as the reader, had become. 

The reader becomes part of the highs and lows at the hospital and at home. Which was a nice addition to the book as there is more to a person’s life than just staying at the hospital bedside. There are still bills to pay and relationships to maintain. We get the behind the scenes of all that life had to throw at this family.

Another interesting piece is that the story doesn’t just end after the hospital stay. There are a few chapters that follow the author and the family during the months and years that follow. It shows the grieving process that the family went through and how life continues on and those left behind have to figure out a way to go on. Figure out a way to keep the loved one alive because so long as we remember them they never truly leave us.

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