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Meredith’s Triumphs

I recently had the pleasure to interview the author of Meredith’s Triumphs,  Theresa Corbley Siller. She was a pleasure to speak with and her interview will be posted soon to the Write or Die Show. Theresa provided me with a copy of her book to complete an honest review, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it.

The book is about a teenager, Meredith, who struggles with weight issues that lead to bullying. Meredith is a very believable character and I could identify with many of her struggles. The book delves into a topic that most shy away from, food addiction. This is such an important topic to talk about and I think all teenagers should read this book. It can give some great insight into the harm that addiction can have on your and your family, as well as the impacts of bullying.

There were a few times when the dialogue took me out of the story because I had never heard someone talk that way. However, that does not impact the quality of this book or the important message that it is addressing. The only other critique that I have for the book is that I wanted a deeper exploration of the relationship with Meredith’s father. However, since this book’s main target is pre-teens that may have changed the target audience. Maybe in the future Theresa will release a version for adults that dig into that a little bit more.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and think all parents should just leave a copy out for their pre-teens to find. I know as a  pMeredith's Triumphsarent if I gave it to the kids they would roll their eyes at me, but if they discover it on their own then it is pure gold.


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