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Review: Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger by KC Grifant

As the title implies, Melinda is a monster-killing gunslinger. These aren’t just any monsters; these are creepy, reimagined monsters. I thought I was scared of spiders, but now I’m terrified on a whole new level. Along with her partner Lance and a few others, they meet along the way; Melinda needs to save the world from what is coming from the Edge.

Chapter one started with a bang, and I was hooked. I enjoyed the monsters, characters, and landscape. Like the real world, each town had a unique set of individuals. I connected with Melinda as a kick but leading lady who still appreciates her feelings while getting dirty.

I enjoyed the twist of the antagonist and how truly evil he is. The ending was spot on, and I liked how it took more than a singular shot to win the day.

Unfortunately, there were a few editing mistakes. However, I hope this is not the last time we see Melinda, Lance, and others. Now that Melinda has traversed the Edge, she may see things differently. I would love to read how it affected her.

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