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Creating my Audiobook

I love listening to audiobooks so I decided that I needed to make an audiobook out of mine. I wanted to start with my newest one Embracing Me and after that I’ll start on A Mother’s Truth. I had no idea how to do it but I figured the first step would have to be recording then editing it

I was pretty excited to do the recording because I thought I could do a really good job. I mean it is my story. Who else would be a better narrator than me to tell my own story? 

I needed to figure out what software to use, luckily I have some great connections in my business group and somebody told me to use Audacity. If you aren’t sure what Audacity is it’s a pretty simplistic audio editing software and I had no problem using it. If I could do it you could do it and it’s free to download!

 I downloaded that and I started recording. I feel like I did a good job. I guess all of you will have to let me know once you hear it. When I was editing I had to learn as I went because I had no idea what I was doing. I suppose I could have found somebody else to do it but I wanted to see if I could do it myself (plus it did save me some money).  I went through it and edited the recordings, mostly just taking out all of the little noises of my water bottle or my weird noises

Overall I think it turned out pretty well. Now all I have to do is figure out how the heck I get it onto an audiobook service. That is my next step. As I figure it out I’ll tell you all how I did it and of course announce to you when it’s done.

If you wanted a sneak peek at the audiobook I have put a little bit on the patreon page for those that are patrons.

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Review – Audible

Like most I enjoy reading but there is not enough time in the day. A few months ago I decided to try the free trial of audible because I was getting bored of the podcasts I was listening to while walking my dogs.

Audible is a platform where you can listen to audio books.

I was just going to listen to the free month and be done with it, but then I forgot to cancel my subscription and got charged for the next month. Which was quite reasonably priced. So I figured “ok one more month”.  However, after that I was hooked. I realized that I could capitalize on my dog walking time and ‘read’ the books that I didn’t have time to get to .

Now, not every book is a great listen, just like not every book is a great read. I did a yoga training last month and downloaded the audio book of one of the required readings. The content was great but the narrator was boring.

The nice thing is that you are able to listen to a sample of the book before you buy it, which I have started doing. Just this past weekend I was looking for a new audio book and decided to pass on one because of the narrator (it will need to be read not listened to).

Overall I would say if you can afford the $15 a month it is totally worth it (no I don’t get any royalties from saying that).