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Review – One Thing Remains by David & Shannon Carroll

Stress has been proven over and over again to effect the body (including our vital organs; heart, lungs, brain, etc.). Many of us ignore when we are feeling stressed and instead chose to push through. In our western society this is seen as ‘strength’. However, this is really weakness. Ignoring what our mind is telling us (stress) is a weakness of communicating within ourselves. Eventually the mind decides to to take over the communication with us by affecting us in another way (often seen as non-stress related) and essentially forcing us to finally listen.

In One Thing Remains this communication between the stress, mind and body is clear. By ignoring the stress David’s mind decided enough was enough and it would force David to listen. The book shows us that when we don’t take time for rest we can lose things that are important to us. In David’s case it was his memory. See the source image

For nearly a month David and his family had to traverse unknown territory. Throughout the struggle there was one constant that remained for David, one thing that never left him even though 13 years of his life had been wiped from his memory. No I am not going to tell you what that one thing was because I want you to read the book.

What I will say is that this book is a beautiful reminder to take care of yourself. To listen to your mind, to you body and to the stress that is inevitable. We can’t truly escape all stress in life but we can take the time that we need to rejuvenate and reenergize instead of pushing through.

I encourage you to take the time to read this book and take its message to heart.

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