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Review: A Fifth of the Story by Dr. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes

A team of CIA agents are finally back home after another mission. The difference this time is that they are to stay on American soil. After a debriefing, they are attacked, leading Brock to question why.

A Fifth of the Story is an easy-to-read, action-packed book. Reading it was like watching an action movie, with gun fights, fires, and bombs, along with great dialogue that progressed the story and the characters’ relationships.

The one negative aspect of the book was how blind the main character was, despite being a CIA agent, to what was happening. I kept yelling at him to smarten up.

The reasoning behind the attack that takes centre stage in the book reflects the unfortunate reality of our society. Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes does an amazing job showing the differences in ideology that created the situation, making the book’s relevance to today’s landscape even more compelling.

If you like action-packed stories, this is one for you.

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