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Review: The New Empire by Alison McBain

The New Empire draws you in immediately. Why were the men there? Twenty years previously, the main character, Jiangxi, was sold into slavery. Life as he knew it was over, and what awaited him was yet to be determined. 

I enjoyed the storyline of this novel because it was refreshingly unique. There are many stories of slaves searching for their freedom and place in the world. The New Empire blended cultures seamlessly, creating an entirely new aspect of an age-old tale. At a time when communities are fighting to survive, this blend shows that time marches on, and we can either embrace it or fall. 

Each character was well developed, with the main characters experiencing amazing growth. I enjoyed that Onas didn’t just do a 180 and change; he grew in a believable way. 

The story was thought-provoking, relevant (even though it is set in the distant past), and emotional. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. 

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