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Review: Single Mom and the City by Takiyah

Single Mom and the City is filled with practical life skills for being the best you can be.

When I was given this book, I thought it was a parenting book. However, I quickly learned that the subtitle Create Time, Money, and a Rich Life is a more accurate title. Based on the title, the author clearly had single moms in mind as the primary audience, but the book is useful to everyone – non-parents, dads, etc.

I think young adults and those just about to start their adult lives should read it because it is filled with great pointers that I had to learn the hard way. My favourite pointer was to get life insurance for your kids! When I got life insurance at 19 years old, the only thing my agent offered for the kids was a rider, but had I known to get them their own life insurance, they would be covered now. If nothing else, read that section!

Other parts that stood out were the dressing to impress and the rose and thorn. Dressing to impress is very cliche, and I am the type to go out in pajamas and be lazy, but the way the author explains it, including research, made perfect sense. And in practicality I know that she is right on point. The rose and thorn discussion was something I had never heard of before. I loved that idea and think it is an easy thing to implement.

Finally, it ends with suggested resources so the reader can continue their self-improvement journey.

Overall, I think this is a useful book and an easy read. I suggest gifting it to your teenagers who are about to become adults.

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